Tuning In…

Sometimes while I’m in conversation with my husband I have to remind myself to tune into what he’s saying and get off my phone. Anyone with me? The same can be true with our bodies. As we go through our day it may be saying to us, “Hey! I’m thirsty!” or “Hey! That food you ate isn’t the easiest to process.”

With my athletic background I catch myself often times pushing through what my body is saying and just trying to hunker down and make it through. However, as I’ve begun a journey to tune into what my body is saying I have found that life has a new brightness about it. Instead of pushing through my task list during a midday slump I add a little peppermint and frankincense and experience added clarity and energy for my to do list. If my muscles are extra achy from a tougher workout I massage on some deep blue after my shower as I stretch a bit and I lose the tightness that would have otherwise added discomfort to my day.

Our body is constantly sending us messages and each person’s body is different. However, we all get to choose if we respond to the message and how. For instance, if you start to feel a tickle in your throat you could do three things:
1) Ignore it
2) Take something synthetic to mask the symptoms
3) Give your body something natural that supports the healing its meant to do
Ex. Rest, Extra Water, Immune Boosting essential oils, Vitamin D3, etc.

The reality is most people are meant to feel far more vibrantly well than most people do. And this effects their potential and ability to give to this world. You simply cannot reach your goals over the course of a lifetime unless you learn to listen to and honor the way your body is meant to function. The truth is our bodies’ are made to function in incredible ways. The fact that so many chemicals, enzymes, hormones, and cells coordinate together so we wake each morning breathing in air is INCREDIBLE.

So the question is, have you been listening to your body? Do you respect it and honor it daily? Not with perfection in mind, because that simply leads to emotional and physiological stress, but instead with a love of the journey to consistently grow and create sustainable body honoring habits.

Here’s just a few benefits I’ve seen of learning to tune in and listen to my body:

  1. Less burnout and more joy
  2. Less injuries and pain from too much exertion
  3. Less bondage with food and body image
  4. Better health
  5. Living a life of deeper authenticity
  6. Higher quality output instead of more, more, more
  7. Attractiveness – Watch out because people will want what you have

Just like my husband feels respected, honored, and loved when I set aside my cell phone for a face to face conversation with him, so too will your body thank you as you learn to hear what its saying fully and start responding to give it what it needs. Cheers to tuning in!

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