What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds made from steam-distillation or cold-pressing of a plant (bark, seeds, flowers, or leaves from a plant). Each drop has active constituents that help support life in our bodies. They themselves are not alive but they help enhance the life that is already there.

The volatile compounds in oils are often times 80 times more concentrated and powerful than an herb. Although they are currently trendy (note not all essential oils are created equally), they have been used for thousands of years.

Why are not all essential oils created equally?

Currently, there is NO committee or governing body that regulates essential oils, their purity, or the claims made by many essential oil companies. Some essential oils are completely synthetic with no therapeutic benefits while other oils are simply food grade (used in toothpastes, mints, gum, chocolate, etc.) and again have no therapeutic benefits. Therapeutic grade oils only have to be made up of 3-5% pure essential oil.

The biggest reasons that I choose Doterra are:

  • Every bottle is 100% pure essential oil.
  • They are all sourced from where the plant is native, which increases the potency and effectiveness.
  • They do third party testing with Dr. Papas on every batch. You can read more about that the tests that are done here.
  • Doterra is committed to positively impacting the countries we source the essential oils from (over 20 of them are considered developing nations). Read more about that here.

Doterra has added another dimension to my life!! The multi-use natural essential oils provide a holistic approach to health and healing by allowing the senses to work in conjunction with the body. I love using the oils along with the skin care and hair products and Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements. Even though I have only been using Doterra for a few months, I have seen many positive changes in my skin and overall well-being! -Sandra

How can I use essential oils?



This is the number one most common way to use oils. As you inhale the oil, the aromatic compounds get in your lungs and are distributed throughout your body via your cardiovascular system. They also travel to your brain and have a huge impact on your limbic systems with mood support and increasing your ability to focus. To use oils aromatically, you can place a drop or two in your hands and breathe in deeply multiples times. You can also use a diffuser. This is my favorite one.


Oils that are applied topically quickly absorb into the blood stream and are distributed to your different organ systems. When first starting to use oils it is best to add 1-2 drops to lotion or a carrier oil before applying. If you do have any sensitivities, you can decide if you want to continue diluting or applying NEAT (without dilution). The places I most commonly apply oils topically are the bottoms of my feet, the top of my spine, and the insides of my wrists.


Not all oils are created equally, therefore I do not recommend ingestion of oils other than Doterra. There are lots of opinions about ingesting oils, and honestly, even multiple schools of thought around the world, so it’s important to research and do what you feel most comfortable with. If you choose to ingest, checking your Doterra bottle for a supplement facts label will let you know if it is an oil that can be ingested. My preferred methods of ingestion are Doterra’s supplements, placing a drop of oil under my tongue, a drop or two in my water (make sure the bottle is stainless steel or glass), or creating my own veggie capsule with what I need.