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To say our family has traveled a lot sometimes feels like an understatement. Tyler and I have always valued traveling, both to experience the exciting side of new places and to visit close friends and family. Therefore, we have always prioritized it and have learned a lot in both traveling as a married couple and now with our babe. Since being married we have been to Israel, North Carolina, California, the Dominican Republic, Texas (before moving hear), Colorado, California (x2), the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, India, etc. Post baby we have flown to North Carolina, Illinois, Hawaii, and road tripped to South Dakota and back (from Texas our new home). I have also traveled a lot by myself.

Of course, when it comes to packing for travel, what everyone says is true. “Less is more.” However, when you are living a healthy lifestyle “less” easily becomes “more,” especially as we grow in our knowledge and practice of natural healthy living. So I thought I would share a few of our must haves, both for us and for our little man. Plus some of our best travel tips.

Healthy Snacks + Hand Sanitizer + Layers
Healthy Snacks + Hand Sanitizer + Layers
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Berkey Water + On Guard Hand Sanitizer + Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets + Chia Seeds











Our #highvibe Must Haves:

  • Berkey water bottles We have used these in foreign countries and while back-packing and have LOVED them. Think lots of saved money on bottled water (especially in airports) and always have great quality water. If you do choose bottled water, make sure you are an informed consumer. Check here for more information on why not all bottled water is equal (up to 40% of brands are equivalent to tap water! Ekk!)
  • Our must have essential oils while traveling are On Guard, Past Tense (especially for long car rides), Serenity for bedtime, Lemon to add to water at restaurants (or we use our Berkey but never add oils to your Berkey), our favorite mood blend at the time, and maybe Terrashield depending on our destination.
  • Counted-out days’ worth of our doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Supplements + PB Assist (probiotic) and Vitamin D3.  We also travel prepared with OnGuard+ Softgels to take at first signs of immune system deficiencies.  Activated Charcoal also comes in handy for any stomach bug or food poisoning.
  • We always plan food ahead of time for airport travel. We like to bring a couple options for filling protein like an Epic Bar or some raw trail mix and then some high nutrient foods like fruits, peppers (we eat them like an apple), and avocados. doTERRA’s greens powder is also great for days that you don’t get as many live foods as you would like.
  • We always travel with our Spinal Rolls. These help your spine to maintain a healthy position (along with corrective spinal care) and feel amazing after a long day of travel. Plus, you save packing space that would otherwise be spent on pillows!
  • We never use hotel hygiene products but instead bring mini sizes of our own non toxic hygiene products. Think doTERRA shampoo, conditioner (doubles as shaving cream), hair glaze, toothpaste, etc.
  • Car Diffuser for long car rides and to use in the hotel by plugging it into our laptop.
  • TerraZyme (digestive enzyme) to help our bodies process food we aren’t used to.
  • Do shortened but high intensity workouts like 10 sets of 10 burpees or intervals of exercises like squats, push ups, sit ups, jumping lunges, tuck jumps, dips, etc.

Baby #highvibe Must Haves:

  • Elliott’s favorite snack are blueberries, freeze dried fruit, avocado, Sea Snax and precooked chicken.
  • We always bring his diffuser, Immunity roller, Teething roller, and Serenity to add to his diffuser at night.
  • We play white noise on our phones (set to airplane mode to decrease EMF exposure) from an itunes “song” we downloaded and play on repeat.
  • If you are nursing mom, traveling without baby, bring a cooler with ice packs and refill your cooler with ice from flight attendants as often as needed (you get an extra bag as a nursing mom) and your pump (counts as a medical device). Make sure you have access to a fridge for a short trip and a freezer for a longer trip.
  • Take disposable diapers. Cloth is not worth it while traveling.

Best Travel Tips:

  • Buy a portable charger to stay connected during long days of traveling.
  • DON’T EVER think saving money by spending the night in the airport is a good idea (they spray chemicals on the carpets with MASKS on, never turn lights off, and run constant recorded announcements).
  • Download airline apps for an easy paperless check in process and updates on gate changes.
  • Pre-download a good audible book so you don’t surf social media the whole trip without wi-fi and then get charged for going over your data.
  • For longer trips, book an AirBNB so you can prepare some meals on your own and usually park for free at your rental. Both save time and money. Also, you can ask questions of someone that is native to the area.
  • If you are booking a hotel, choose one with a kitchenette or call and request a fridge ahead of time for healthy breakfast options.
  • Lastly, buy flights on Tuesday mornings for the cheapest prices. And if you are flying Tuesdays-Thursdays are the best days to choose.

So there it is. I would LOVE to hear your favorite healthy living strategies on the go! Please share in the comments!

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  • So fun to find out you have a blog! This is such a great list! I’m going to have to look into the airplane mode for phones – haven’t heard of that changing exposure levels… Good to know!