Tuesday, October 11th 7:30 pm Stress Less – Emotions and Essential Oils
In this class I will be teaching all about the mood benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are powerful because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier. The chemical constituents help our limbic system as a tool to balance mood. Whether you are looking to decrease occasional anxious thoughts or just support an uplifted mood in your home, essential oils can help.

Tuesday, October 25th 7:30 Essential Oils for Hormones
Unfortunately hormone imbalances effect some many aspects of bodily function, including metabolism, sleep, blood sugar balance, skin health, women’s cycles, and energy. In this class we will talk about the most impactful holistic health steps you can take to support your hormones as well as what essential oils can support hormone balance.


Join me every Wednesday at 8 pm on my facebook page “Living Drop Collective.” Every month will have a different focus as we all look to take consistent steps toward becoming more fully well.

October – Listening to Your Body
November – Eliminating Toxicity from Hygiene Products & Natural Beauty Solutions
December – Gratitude & Supporting Mood with Essential Oils


This 10 week challenge runs from October 3rd to December 5th from 8:45 – 9:30 pm on Zoom. This challenge will walk through some of the biggest lightbulbs and business game changers that I have found on my way to Silver. We will have 1 challenge per week. Each participant that completes 8 of the 10 challenges will automatically be gifted a BeautyCounter product of their choice (5 choices) or the same amount worth of doTERRA oils. The grand prize winner will be getting something awesome (yet TBD)! This is the perfect step for anyone that is a part of the Living Drop Collective and considering the business.