Meet the Living Drop Collective Leaders

We are so grateful for our leaders and all that they do!

(features only those leaders who have hit Elite)


Melissa Christoffer

Melissa is a mama to two beautiful babes, Cali and Cohen, and wife to Josiah. Her journey towards health began nearly a decade ago after her husband experienced digestive healing through a holistic health approach driven by the power of chiropractic. After discovering God’s gift of essential oils, she realized how empowered families can be to take health into their own hands. This has fueled her love for continued learning and passion for natural solutions. She is now leading a thriving team of wellness advocates in the upper Midwest and surrounding areas. She’d love to join you on your journey to care for yourselves — and share with you what she’s learned along the way.


Londa Florey

Londa is a Minnesota girl living in SD, with a deep love for people and a desire to see them live life to the full. She began her health journey in 2012, when a doctor presented health to her in a way she hadn’t heard before. Since then, Londa continues to work towards treating her body with care and respect, because it is a gift from her Heavenly Father. She loves oils because they fit in perfectly with the natural lifestyle she is striving to live, and they support her and her family (John, husband; Bryon, son) in reaching their health goals. She would love to join you on your own journey as you learn to take care of your bodies in a natural way that honors the Lord.

Laura Glanville

Laura was born and raised in the Midwest but has a heart for the world. This wife and mother searched out a natural solution after she developed a topical allergy after the birth of her children. Discovering Doterra was a game changer for her! She has now not only found a natural solution to her needs for cleaners, skin care, and more but also discovered a safe option to use with her family and her in-home childcare, Sweet Sparrows Daycare. Together you can learn and grow with Laura, @dropsbydesign.


Dawn Stee

Dawn is a Midwestern essential oil enthusiast! Her oil journey began while bedside nursing (and in need of help with sleep, reducing neck and shoulder tension, and other symptoms experiences in her 50-something stage of life), and with her daughter sharing essential oils to help with those needs. Dawn and her husband continued to find natural remedies through daily use of essential oils that help support the body, and continued to be amazed at the results they experienced.

Dawn experiences sparked an interest in both the essential oils and also educating others about them. She feels that many don’t know there are natural solutions out there and believes that everyone deserves to know about these simply solutions. Using the oils is simple, yet information and personal stories are key to learning more, so her desire is to share her story and information that will inspired and empower others to experience powerful outcomes.

Dawn’s personal journey involved raising a family and going through her forties feeling progressively exhausted and overworked. She neglected her body and found herself wanting to simplify life and get her health back. Essential oils played a big part in the process of regaining her health. She learned to feel better and create changes in all areas of life that gave priority to faith, family, and overall wellness. Have you neglected your health? Would you like to be more proactive and preventative in your approach to healthcare? Dawn will help you learn how essential oils can support you in this process. She would love to share and have you join her on this journey.