Meet Kristin


Hi, I’m Kristin Tigges. I am the founder of the Living Drop Collective. I am a daughter of the King, wife, mother, entrepreneur, health coach, and encourager. In 2011, I was a newly wed that had just graduated with an Exercise Science degree  and was struggling. On average I could only sleep 5-6 hours per night and my hormones were all out of sink. I was passionate about health and wellness but poorly educated and not seeing good results. God led me to an entry level job at a Maximized Living office and my life was changed through a new understanding of health. The body is made to heal. Remove interference and it will do its job. In the years since I have only become more passionate about helping others become fully well through a true understanding of how amazing our bodies are made to run when we give them why they need. We truly have an amazing Creator!

  • My heart is for empowering women to really thrive and find joy in their unique purpose and season of life.
  • I believe that God made the body to heal itself when it is given what it needs and not interfered with. Giving it things it needs like real foods, clean water, daily movement, and healing power from plants allows your body to thrive. Eliminating chemicals, toxic thoughts, and subluxations leads to optimum wellness.
  • I am passionate about sharing the truth that has changed my family’s lives with others. I was made to encourage and empower others to live life to its full potential. I once was blinded and stumbling around with no results because I didn’t have the correct information. I know that others need to be empowered through education. Then they need access to the best tools. This is where my love for essential oils comes in.
  • I advocate for living a life that prioritizes what our bodies need: exercise, natural foods, empowered mindset, reduced exposure to toxins and pro-active self-care. When we do this, we can truly lean into living our purpose and be fully living our purpose for years to come, not fearing aging. We are stewards of life, let’s live like we are.
  • I value relationship and community. Transformation is very difficult without the support of others. The Living Drop Collective is meant to be that beautiful community that you can go to for encouragement time and time again.

Photo credit: Kaley Loved